Welcome to Susie Shiflett's webpage!

Hi I'm Susie! My mom made this website for our whole family and she said I could put anything on my page, so I'm devoting it to all of my favorite things! I'm fifteen years old and a freshman in high schoool. My favorite class is English, but I also love taking art classes because I am always doodling in my other classes or drawing in my freetime. I also love chatting with my friends on our mini-digitals after school because we can send messages to each other without using the home phone! It can be a little annoying sometimes because if I'm talking to a lot of my friends on my mini-digital, it takes our IMP, Larry, a long time to transmit the messages. Other than that though, my friends and I can chat about anything we want all the time! So on my page you'll find everything from my favorite book to my favorite music artist! Enjoy!

I saw this painting and some of Monet's other water lily paintings when my whole family took a trip to New York two years back and we went to the Met. Monet is now my favorite painter because I just love the amount of detail he puts into representing nature. The multiple shades of blue contrast the white lily and I am fascinated by the way Monet does his brushstrokes.

Madonna's "Like a Virgin" video

Madonna is my absolute favorite singer. All of her songs are so catchy and she has such cool style! I love her song "Like a Virgin" and I sing a long to it a lot when I'm alone in my room!

I was so excited to read Pride and Prejudice for my summer reading this year because all of my favorite books are romances. Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth's love affair was a page-turner for me especially because I could not believe how rude he was to Elizabeth at first! It all worked out in the end though and I was happy that they got married at the end.Buy the book